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This is the answer from the transport dept London

The legality of using Bushcables on the highways is one that seems to crop up on many off-roading websites and Facebook groups almost on a daily basis. We contacted the London transport department to clarify the legality of these cables in everyday use, the response was as follows:

""Thank you for your email regarding bush cables.  Your email has been passed to me as we deal with external projections on vehicles.

 I’ve spoken with one of our engineers and we cannot find anything specifically related to bush cables in any of our regulations.

 However, regulation 100 of the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) regulations refers to danger on external projections on a vehicle.  Regulation 53 of the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) regulations refers to mascots on a vehicle, and while this is no way a mascot, the principle is the same.  If an accident occurred a person could be very seriously injured if they came into contact with these cables.

While this could be argued in court over interpretation, in our opinion, these cables are not legal when mounted on a vehicle, as in the picture provided, when on a highway."

As you can see the London transport department seem to be quite adamant that this is not a grey area. These cables should be in fact removed when on public highways.
With the fact that it is illegal to have this cables on a public highway, we developed and make all off our bushcable sets with a quick release feature.
Our sets can easily be released from the front fixtures on the vehicle enabling them to be placed over the vehicles roofrack or tucked in the cab.

When the limb risers are required again ot protect your 4x4's windscreen, they can be fitted again in seconds.





We can offer quick release on are full range for of bushcables for £4.00 a set extra.

Camel Trophy vehicles  run with them on!

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