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17 Brander grove,

Leeds 9,


Phone: +44 


Owner            Kurt Watson


We have been manufacturing bushcables since 1997.

Business hours we work 8am until 21.00

We are online from 0700 until 21.00

Bushcable We are proud to put our name on all our sets of Bushcables!

Expanded business hours

We're now open earlier to serve you better.

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New on line you can go stright to our ebay shop .


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We have now put a link to our ebay shop ,so buy the set you want after selecting it from our full range .

NewMost asked questions ,Lets help.

All cables are 2.200mm long plus turnbuckle.

     All cables are 2.200mm long BOTH GALVANIZED AND STAINLESS STEEL.

Question !!! what the differance between the turnbuckles in the stainless steel sets.

The cable is already been conected to turnbuckle .we get them made to the very very high standerds here at Bushcables.com.This set is the PATHFinder set.
TheBushmaster set as you can see a stainless steel turnbuckle connects to a stainless steel eye in the 4mm stainless steel cable.
So why are we different? let me tell you .We have manufactured sets using all our experiance off road to develop a fail safe top eye.The reason if all goes wrong the top eye thats not welded will FAIL !!! preventing further damage to your vehicle.
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